Taylor Traditional Christmas Party

Monday night, my parents had the fortune of hosting my mom’s side of the family over for our annual post-Christmas shindig. It’s typically one of the main nights of the year that you get to see anybody! (unless somebody gets married)

I finally got to meet April and Jeff’s darling little boy, August. He is so unbelievably adorable, I just wanted to hold him all night long. He had other plans and had to make his social rounds.

Me, August, and Joel

It’s weird to feel like an “old” cousin – especially as I see Kristina there with her fiance, Adam, who is such a cute guy. I kept thinking, ‘when did I become “the old cousins with kids” group???’ Matt and I reminisced about being the “original cous’s”. Fist bump back at ya, cous.

We dined on a feast from Olive Garden (who wants to cook for 48 people?) which consisted of lasagna, breadsticks galore, salad, and the pasta fagioli soup. And then we spent time either playing games or just chatting. Us oldies sat around shooting the breeze while the kids tore up the basement below. We kept them caged…for a little while.

To those that weren’t there, we totally missed you! Of course, if you had been available to come, I don’t know where we would’ve fit you – perhaps a spare bedroom here or there? If, at some point, we all end up being able to attend a Christmas party together, I vote we rent out a hotel room. Just my two cents. 🙂


One comment

  1. katie · December 31, 2009

    I almost hate looking at your blog with all the family pictures because it just makes me homesick! It sucks I had to miss the Taylor party and Christmas with everyone! But the pictures are really cute from both events. Congrats on the dog byetheway, she is very cute! I need to talk to you too, because I am probably going to buy my ticket out there and back for Al’s farewell and I need to know when you are flying out on Monday so maybe we can just fly together! Can’t wait to see the fam!

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