This little piggy…

A couple of weeks ago, my ex-in-laws hosted a big pig roast at my ex-pop-in-law’s airport hangar. It was a decidely delicious feast…although Wilbur sure did take his own sweet time cooking. I haven’t been to a pig roast in quite some time so it was a lot of fun to gather with family and friends and chat the evening away until the pig was toasty and roasted. I just couldn’t look at it too much–otherwise I started to lose the will to eat it!

The kiddos all had a chance to swing away at an aviator pig pinata for a few pieces of candy and prizes. Take a look at its paper plate wings and makeshift scarf. I really love being associated with such creative people (Tani, Chelsea, Miranda, Emmy). I had to remind Caden a couple of timesin regards to the “gathering candy storm” that he was one of the older kids so please “don’t bowl any of them over for candy!” It’s that competitive streak that runs so deep in him…

Overall, the pig was delectable. Finger lickin’ good – just like chicken.


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