This is Maggie.

She is, without a doubt, the sweetest little doggie I ever did meet. And she belongs to me thanks to a funny circumstance. She’s a full bred Boston Terrier with a snore that seems impossible for such a small little lady. But she is adorable, loving, patient, and a cute addition. She also has brown eyes that made my mother immediately exclaim upon meeting her, “She looks just like Allison!” That would be by 21 year old sister (who looks nothing like a dog but does have big brown eyes). Maggie’s eyes are just a bit more woeful.

Poor little girl, found by the road, shortly after having had babies. The search for her real owners went on for several weeks. But nobody claimed her. I agreed to dogsit because I really wanted to get to know if she would be a good match–and she totally is! Just a loving little animal that everyone immediately adores upon meeting. Plus, she’s housetrained which is a load off of my shoulders. She just sits at the door and patiently stares at it until you recognize and realize she must go out.

She’s a bit camera shy which is why she is hiding slightly in her picture debut…but believe me, more pics will come! She’s such a darling, snuggly dog. Awww…


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