God bless a hot stone massage

Wouldn’t you know it took a woman to invent something as wonderful as a hot stone massage? {thank you, Mary Hannigan, from AZ} I had my second hot stone massage today as a little holiday treat to wind down from the stress of working-working-working in both the career sense and physical sense (my trainings have been TOUGH the last few days).

Ninety minutes. That’s how long a hot stone massage lasts. Ninety minutes of having your entire body worked over with these incredibly smooth basalt stones that are heated with warm water. Check that — HOT water. They are placed at specific points on your body to increase relaxation of the muscles so your massage is better. I hereby concur. It IS better! My favorite part is when the therapist puts the little stones between your toes. Re-lax-a-tion.

Every time I leave (which has only been twice…but will be many more), I am so relaxed I could fall over. My muscles are pools of welcome jelly and my mood is decidedly one of compete contentment.

If I were wealthy woman, I would grant each of you a hot stone massage for Christmas. You all deserve it!


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