Is it Christmas yet?

This is the question I used to beg of my parents when I was little – “is it Christmas yet? is it tomorrow? are the presents coming today? when when when?” The answer, maddeningly enough, was always “not just yet, you have to be a little more patient”.

Kids and patience do not mix well. Just a little FYI for those of you without little chitlins of your own.

It’s funny how all of  it reverses when you get older. Instead of wishing away time and hoping everything will jump into warp speed towards Christmas morning, you start to yearn for the days to stretch longer and the numbers to not tick by so fast. Because they do. Faster and faster every year. I’m sad that it’s December 21st! I keep thinking, “where did the month go?” And then I remember “oh yeah…working, thinking my job was ending, and now totally embroiled in a giant new undertaking”. The month will really fly by when all of that happens.

I wish the next three days would last for weeks so I can feel like I”m finally enjoying the Christmas season for more than just, well, three days. Alas, it is not going to work out that way.

Here’s to not asking the question “Is it Christmas yet?”!

Grandpa Brewster's tree circa 1960's


One comment

  1. Kimberly · December 22, 2009

    I knew it was Grandpa’s tree! 🙂 It brings back memories!

    I wish the season would slow down, too.

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