Community – it’s about…funny stuff

I was talking (read: IM’ing) with a colleague at work today and we started to throw lines out from the new NBC show, Community. If you have yet to check this little gem out, get online and get up to speed! I know everyone is hot on Glee (who isn’t?) but seriously, you couldn’t spend 30 minutes any better than watching a show dedicated to the all the fine folks who go to community colleges around the country. Ahhh, what a diverse crowd.

My favorites on the show are Abed and Troy…and Senor Chang usually gives me a nice laugh, too. I tell you, the Halloween special is going to be a CLASSIC for years and years to come. My sibs and I have fun quoting lines at each other–between Community and 30 Rock, we tend to crack ourselves up a lot. It’s a good thing NBC added Community to their line up because The Office is just not funny anymore. Allison and I lose more and more hope week after week for that show. So thank heavens for Aspergers-like Indian guys, high school football cool guys, the pretty boy, the perfectionist, the middle-aged divorcee, and more. These characters are a hoot.

For a nice seasonal tribute, here is a small clip of Abed and Troy (something they do at the end of every episode):

And to give you a little more flavor, see if you can recognize Anthony Michael Hall as The Bully in the most recent episode:

(love the Dean coming in and trying to be PC by wishing everyone “Merry Happy!”)


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