Behold, the White Elephant

Allison came home tonight from a friend Christmas party with what she said was the “winning” white elephant gift of the night. It was this beauty here:

The winning White Elephant

Forgive the grainy pic, I took it with my phone in low light. But I seriously started laughing when she pulled it out of the bag. That is NICE! You should see the lovely acrylic paint job up close. And the fabric! Whooee, that fabric is of the finest pseudo satin material I have ever had the opportunity to run  my fingers across.

The story behind this pillow gets even better. One of Al’s married friends received this handsome pillow as a wedding present. Yes, that pillow was a wedding present. And apparently the giver of this fancy creation received it as a gift off of his mission. So naturally, everyone was suggesting that Al take it on her mission to Panama here in just 5 short weeks. Keep the spirit of the White Elephant going strong — which is, of course, to share gifts that nobody really wants but yet live on in gift giving lore forever and ever and on into perpetuity.

Fa la la la la la, and don’t keep it too long.


One comment

  1. Susan Carlson · December 15, 2009

    We’ve re-gifted some pretty bad wedding presents at white elephant parties too! Good times!

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