Working from Home 101

Ahhh, if only it were this warm to work outside!

Today marks the official start of my working from home tenure. Yes! Pajamas forever! No, just joshing you…sort of. I will need to remind myself that I need to get ready for the day just like every other sorry sucker who has to actually drive to a job. {mischievous chuckle}

I do have many things to enjoy surrounding the flexibility of being at home for the next four months.

  • I will be a stay-at-home mom for the first time ever! Albeit a working stay-at-home mom (whatever…I will take it!)
  • I can get to Caden’s school in 2 minutes flat instead of a 40 minute drive from my office in Riverton
  • I can save money from not eating lunch out with Ryan 3 or more times a week
  • I can do small things at the house in between meetings, instead of coming home exhausted and just wanting to crash on the couch
  • I get almost TWO hours back a day in commute time!
  • I can work on the couch, my room, a desk (hmmm, better get one) or wherever
  • “Home” can really be anywhere – it won’t matter if I work remotely at a beach somewhere…as long as I’m online

Even though I am thrilled with the chance to be working from home because it gives me benefits untold, I have to admit that I am going through a bit of a struggle emotionally.

What I will miss:

  • Planning all the fun activities on site to keep people engaged and enjoying their jobs
  • Having my own dedicated space where everyone would stop by and say hi
  • Seeing those people I worked with and how their faces would light up when I would smile and say “Howdy!’ or “Hola!” or “Buenos Dias!” or even lately some mornings “Wow! You’re still here?” (all said lovingly with a smile)
  • Those weekly lunches with Ryan. Ryan has been one of my best friends – we worked together at IHC before working together at Intel (he referred me to the job at Intel) and it’s been almost 7 1/2 years of working side by side. I jokingly told him he needs to go find a great company while I’m still at Intel and bring me over there when my 4 months are up.

But I won’t miss the looks on the faces of the other building tenants who knew we were all losing our jobs and could never look you straight in the face. Or if they did, it was this sad, pathetic gaze and they would ask, “So, do you have any prospects? I’m sure it will all work out for you”. Nice sentiments, but seriously annoying and aggravating over the past 8 months.

In the end, it really did work out for me. I’m just excited to see where things go from here!

oh and p.s. new manager, could you possibly by any means available to you send me a new laptop to work from? 🙂


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