Other lovelies

Okay, ever since I posted what I want for Christmas for that giveaway, I’ve had time to rethink a couple of things. And not to sound too greedy, but there are a couple of other small things I would love.

First, I am enamored of this watch. I received the Fossil catalog in the mail about a month ago and this watch caught my eye. I don’t wear a watch normally, but I would wear this one! Even though I am a pretty accurate guesser when it comes to time, it would be kind of nice to actually know for sure. Something about it’s bright whiteness is so appealing to me.

I also had my first training session with Jane in almost 2 weeks thanks to the sickness I had. I’m still fighting off some of it but I was ready to get my rear in gear again. As I was jumping and lunging and running and leaping, I realized that I needed some new shoes. Due to the fact I didn’t participate in a marathon this year (just a half), I didn’t get my annual pair of running shoes. And boy, I could feel that I needed a new pair! So these would fit the bill (love Asics):

Today I walked into the Utrecht Art Store on 2100 South in Salt Lake and I just about died. I LOVE that store. I walk in and it’s like breathing fresh oxygen for the first time. I touch practically everything–run my fingers through brush bristles, tickle the surfaces of canvas stretched tight, pick up and smell wrapped clay and sticks of charcoal, lovingly caress 300 lb hot press watercolor paper. Sigh…I was in heaven for a short time. I finally had to leave because I wanted to buy practically every single thing in the store; I walked away with just a couple of small things. It ached to leave all those wonderful art supplies behind…so in that vein, I would love an unlimited gift certificate to Utrecht, please. 🙂 Totally kidding.



  1. Natalie · December 11, 2009

    I’m sorry that we have you for Christmas this year! I hope your prayers fall on Santa’s ears…

  2. angelbrew · December 11, 2009

    What? Why are you sorry? You know that I will LOVE whatever you give me! I’m so easy to please 🙂

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