Moving out and saying goodbye

It’s here, the last day of being in my office before we close the doors and give it over to our landlords. It’s very strange to walk around this top floor and see empty cube after cube after cube and look at names of people that I got to know over the past nearly four years. Wow. So quiet and strange…

No  more long commute for me, however. I will gladly hang on to that gas money, thank you very much. I will not miss adding ridiculous amounts of mileage to my car.

Aww, this was my space! Although I went from having a nice office to cube life when I came to Intel, it still was mine and was an adequate home…for the most part. I guess as adequate as gray cube walls can be. Hmmm, suddenly I am not missing this as much anymore…

I was lucky in that I had two cubes to use and I never had to share with a “cubie mate”. Not that I’m opposed to sharing–I just like my space. More room to spread out, baby. That little Busy Beaver button was something one of my business partners I worked with sent me after I organized an event at their site. (she also gave me a cash award, too, but I can’t flash that for you folks)

I had a few small trinkets at my desk, just enough to make it homey (there were others who had boxes and boxes of “stuff” that they brought in to make it comfortable). Those little piggies were the inspiration for my theme at my recent Farewell Dinner at Sundance for my group. The little orange-eared guy was a small token for each employee.

On my whiteboard I placed a  few quotes that I loved the first day I set foot in my office…many moons ago. The first, What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become, is one of my all-time favorite quotes. Because I believe it wholeheartedly. The second is one my Grandpa Taylor said once and it stuck with me: The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret. Try arguing against that one. This has helped me through many situations, especially in training for my marathons. I knew the pain of staying disciplined in training, and not copping out on those runs when I just didn’t feel like it sometimes, was going to be so much less than that pain of regret of not participating. And it’s true. I, ahem, also had another quote just for fun 🙂 – It’s not the men in my life that counts but the life in my men.

So, here I am all packed up and out the door. I took this picture yesterday morning:

But something changed yesterday afternoon…something very, very, VERY cool – I’m not leaving just YET!

Due to another person on my team deciding last minute not to move (he was going to relocate to Arizona), my new manager was scrambling with trying to decide how in the world they were going to cover his job. What was very gratifying was that immediately she thought of me, got me on the phone, and said, “We really don’t want to lose you but I know you want to stay in Utah. Would you take a 4 month extension and you can work from home?”

Are you kidding???? YES!!!! Oh my goodness, this worked out better than I could’ve imagined. On many, many levels. It may have come in almost the 11th hour, but now I am not going to be jobless come January 4. AND I have a lot of prospects that are heating up for the March/April timeframe. Seriously, life is GOOD.

So my Intel goodbye is no sad sayonara for me as yet – it’s really just a goodbye to the building for now. I am sad to not see so many good friends on a day to day basis anymore but I am tickled pink that I get to keep my job for a bit longer (and maybe even longer than that…).


p.s. As I left the RV1 (that’s Riverton 1 for you non-Intel speakers) building for the last time today, the bitter, bitter wind slapped me in the face. The other workers (who are mostly IT folks for the church) saw I was checking out for the last time and avoided looking in my direction. I think they thought I was crying because the sting of biting wind brought tears to my eyes. I just smiled, turned around as I passed them, and exclaimed, “Enjoy the building! It’s all yours now!”

p.p.s. I saw one of my first managers at Intel for the last time and he had heard of my good fortune in securing my job to work at home for a few more months. “Congratulations! I just had to tell you that until the day I go to my grave, I will forever be grateful that I got to see your evolution and development at Intel. It’s been a special, special thing and I’ve really enjoyed watching you grow. Now you’re somebody that they’re fighting to keep! (voice drops to whisper) And if they’re really smart, they’ll do just that!” Awww, that was just the icing on my tiny cake of celebration.


One comment

  1. Amy · December 11, 2009

    AWWW…this brought tears to my eyes! I’m so happy for you, that is awesome that you will be working from home! I’m glad that they can realize how wonderful you are because, well, you are! 🙂

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