A 9 year old’s letter to Santa

Caden came home from school today with the typical homework that he’s worked on – math assignments, writing assignments, and letter to Santa. Oh yes, today at school the kids got a chance to email Santa at www.christmassantaclaus.com.

Caden was so excited to tell me what he wrote AND the fact that Santa had replied to his email already! Wow, gone are those days of mailing that letter  up to the North Pole; Santa is the latest techno geek. We’re talking a response in minutes, not days.

He read the letter out loud to my dad, Allison, and me as we sat around the dinner table. All I have to say is this kid cracks me up. Santa ain’t too shabby either.

Caden’s letter to Santa

Santa’s reply to Caden

Seriously, I laughed my head off at both letters. First, that my son thinks he has a halo that is just “a teensy weensy bit crooked”. Second, that Santa apparently chuckles at everything, winks at everything else, and plays a lot of reindeer games.

Too cute, too cute. I”m just so glad Caden is still “a believer”. I am!!



  1. Michelle · December 8, 2009

    A few too many winks for my taste. I mean seriously, this is a grown man writing a child, right?

  2. angelbrew · December 9, 2009

    Yeah, I have to agree with you there, Michelle. The winks were just a bit too plentiful. What was funny was having Caden read it out loud. He would actually read “wink”! After the second one, I started to wonder if Santa was on the sauce…

  3. Amy · December 11, 2009

    I loved it, Cadens letter especially! I wish we had that same spirit at my house but my oldest is a bit… cynical, for lack of a better word. I’m going to totally make my kids write to Santa because that is just too cute.

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