My Goal? Once a day for 31 days

Writing. That is what I am planning on doing once a day for the next 31 days. December is a great month to reflect on many things and sometimes I have a lot to say…but I forget to say it.

Actually, I’ve forgotten to say A LOT of things over the past year aaaaand sometimes some things are better left unsaid. But I think I’ve let the stress of this year get to me a bit too much. My hair is falling out which is kind of inconvenient. I’ve always shed like crazy because of my naturally curly state but the past 4 months? Wow, I think someone is seriously attacking my head at night with a Flowby. I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and my stylist gasped when she grabbed my hair. “What happened to all of it??” ‘Sigh…stress. But I’m trying to let it all go! You know, be happier, sing la la la or kumbayah and all that jazz. Maybe in a few months my hair will come back…”

Also thanks to stress, I’ve been catching every little thing right and left over the past couple of months. Irritating? Oh yes indeed. Again, working on the ebb and flow of life, letting it all go, enjoying rather than agonizing. (and by “catch” I don’t mean that my high dexterity is awing my many admirers, rather I am acquiring colds/sore throats/fevers like they are going out of style)

Caden is my sunshine bug, though, and I’m so glad to have him. He makes me laugh and smile every single day and I can not tell you how much fun the age of 9 really is—it’s fantastic!

A little over a week ago my volleyball team concluded our season by winning first place once again! And it was great to have Katie, Dave, and Allison cheering us on. Katie used to play on my team and I know if she still lived here, and wasn’t 5 months pregnant, she totally would’ve joined in the game.

Caden finished his football season with a nice banquet where each kid received a funny award for how they were in practice all season long. Caden’s award? Mr. Anger Management because “he came to practice and would just unleash these hits that left us all wondering, ‘whoa, what kind of day at school did this kid have?’ said one of his coaches. His award? A relaxation CD. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought it was quite hysterical. Caden did not.

The boys did get a special treat–they were able to meet Robert Johnson and Mike Wright from the University of Utah football team. Caden was glued to his chair as he listened to these two talk about football and how important education and school was for them. I thought they did a fantastic job in relating to the young 9 and 10 yr old boys. They also were very polite and respectful and totally approachable. Really, I was very impressed by them! Robert Johnson also wears the number 17 just like Caden does so he signed his jersey for him. “So totally awesome!” were Caden’s exact words when showing the jersey to my dad.

To cap off a great week of having the entire family in town for Thanksgiving, we all ended up in the Bountiful Temple last Friday night with Allison as she went through for the first time. It was pretty incredible as we looked around and realized that every single person in our family was present. From Dad on down to Allison–all 5 of us kids, their spouses, and two parents. What an amazing blessing and experience to have!

After the session, we headed on down to Joy Luck in Bountiful to eat a hearty feast. I happened to have my Flip video camera in my purse and we proceeded to have a little fun thanks to the Lazy Susan in the middle of the table. We think we are sooo funny. Some people think we are just soooo funny lookin’. They’re just jealous. ๐Ÿ˜›

(no, we didn’t drink any sake)

On a different note, I spent the weekend trying to find a great deal on a new laptop. In just a short amount of time I will be turning in my work laptop and needing a new one for my own personal use. I’m liking this one a lot:

9568327 Larger Front 9568327 Alternate View 1



  1. Susan Carlson · December 1, 2009

    I have one of those flip video camera’s and can’t get the videos off of it. You have obviously figured it out. So, I need your help! Funny, by the way!

  2. chelsea · December 2, 2009

    i love the video!! love your family!

  3. Amy · December 3, 2009

    So I have to tell you I have a Vaio and it broke right after the 1 year warranty expired. My hard drive went bad exactly two weeks after it expired actually. It cost me $200.00 to fix. So I might steer clear of the Sony Vaio.

    Very funny video too!

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