Fancy Sundance

It was my last party at work. The last hurrah, the last time I would be able to do something really fun at a really cool place. At least for the time being. But last Friday night up at the Sundance Resort, we partied hardy thanks to the fortune of the pig. Yes, the PIG…because who doesn’t think of fortune and good luck when it comes to the pig?

I found these tiny glass pigs at Pier1 complete with a saying that the Germans believe the pig brings good luck and fortune. And from that I found my theme! I decorated with ceramic piggy banks on the tables (also from Pier1), rustic pig garland, star tealight lanterns (yes, from Pier1 – everything was on sale!), autumn leaf garland, and tons of white lights filling the Rehearsal Hall. Besides the ambiance, all attendees got 2 for 1 ski passes, the little glass pigs, and a caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company. Pigs, they typically have apples in their mouths, right? So I told everyone that they needed to leave like stuffed pigs. 🙂 I hope somebody got a picture of everything–because I was too busy being the emcee and hostess of the night!

The night didn’t start out too well, and I could’ve had pictures of my setup before the evening began. BUT fate seemed to overtake my plans for the day. Dang Friday the 13th. I usually love that day but being stuck on the freeway, 1.5 miles away from a massive 8 car accident, I sat for 1.5 hours. NOT MOVING. It took me 3.5 hours to get up to Sundance–and I was panicking that I would have no time to decorate! I got up there at 4:50 p.m. and 6 p.m. was when the dinner would start. Ai yi yi…but it’s amazing what you can get done when you just start grabbing waiters, banquet captains, early arrivers, and more to make everything beautiful.

I got a chance to talk to the speaker I brought in, Neal Petersen, who is this incredible South African guy who offers an inspiring message on having “no barriers” in life. He overcame apartheid, a physical disability, and more to achieve his dream of sailing around the world. He and his wife are so darling and they were thrilled to spend time up at Sundance, especially because it snowed. It was enchanting!

The best part was hearing that everyone who attended had a fantastic evening. I had kudos from top senior leaders, all the way up to the head of HR for Intel. It was extremely gratifying to hear that all of my hard work, weeks on end of designing and planning a perfect farewell party, was rewarded and appreciated. That really was the high point for me. Although, as hostess I did need to monitor the (ahem) alcohol intake of a few folks.

At the end of my exhausting day, I ended up passing out in a ridiculous Mountain Suite as a thank you for putting the entire evening together. Oh my gosh, I loved my room! What was so hilarious is that there were several books in the room you can read, and one grabbed my eye and made me laugh out loud: “I should be burnt out…”

Seriously, I could’ve spent weeks in this room…



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