Dress up – for me and for him

Halloween09 013a

This Halloween, things went a bit differently. There was no walking around going door to door trick-or-treating. Instead, Caden and I got to spend the evening out together with my Dad and Allison attending the U of U football game. I felt a little sad that we didn’t have the usual experience, but I asked Caden straight out if he wanted to go to the game or trick-or-treating. “Go to the game,” he replied with little hesitation. He did pick up some candy at our ward’s Trunk-or-Treat last Thursday, and some goodies before the game Saturday. So I didn’t feel like he missed out on too much. 🙂

Halloween09 016boys

It was obvious that this year I was preoccupied with other matters beyond Halloween as Caden didn’t even get his costume until four days before the big day. Of course, he did change his mind several times on what he wanted to be. First it was going to be one of the Three Amigos with his friends Bridger and Karson. Then he thought about Frankenstein -f or about 20 minutes. Finally he settled on Black Shadow Ninja. Well, that’s what he officially called it.

I had an idea on how I would’ve loved to make his costume but completely ran out of time and energy this year to do it. So thank you, Amazon, for having a costume that was $15 and could ship overnight for $4 thanks to my Amazon Prime membership.

Caden loved this costume, he even wore it to the U game as it was a Blackout Game – everyone dressed in a sea of  black and the players sporting black uniforms (which I rather like). I did spot a few great costumes, such as a giant chicken who danced during every time out, Edna from Hairspray (big burly guy dressed in a pink sequin dress? YES, you WILL stand out in a sea of black), and Waldo who was quite easy to spot considering his red and white striped shirt popped against a black background.




Sisters - we look so much alike...



We had a great time and Caden woke up the next morning with quite the hoarse voice from all of his screaming and yelling.

Having just spent time dressing up Caden, I can tell you what I’d most like to dress up in for myself right now. This quirky cardigan from Anthropologie:


I love look, the stitching, the buttons, the quasi-creative-head-in-the-clouds feel, and I love the name – the Wayward Cardigan. Perhaps because I feel so wayward at the moment. However, like most things of Anthro style, I do not love the price. Perhaps when it goes on sale in a couple of months I can tempt myself with getting it. Or not. Because I may not be employed to justify the expense. 🙂


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