Work–not love–is a battlefield

I won a big battle today, but I had to swallow my pride to do it. There is nothing more difficult than knowing you did the right thing and having to apologize for it because somebody gets their nose in a joint for not being involved in the decision-making process. This happens a lot in my line of work. And boy, the stress of these situations just drives me absolutely insane.

I took out my frustration on Monday evening when I went to play my volleyball game. My team kept asking me where all of this aggression was coming from as I was attacking the ball and trying to split its seams open on the hardwood.

“Wow,” commented one girl. “Are you mad at somebody or something? You are taking it to that volleyball!”

I just smiled and replied, “Oh yeah. I am picturing a certain person’s face on the ball! It’s helping resolve some…uh, unresolved anger and frustration issues.”

I was on fire–physically and emotionally. Serves, sets, digs, and kills; all of it just flowed like hot lava…which I guess doesn’t really flow but ooze. But you get the gist.

I’m also in the throes of applying for positions right and left. No big interviews yet but I think I found a job I would really like. My manager just sent it to me and the title? “Director of Extraordinary Experiences”. THAT’S the type of job I want!! I’m not exactly sure of the details, but the title did grab my attention…

In other Angie news, I’ve started working out with a personal trainer. I got tired of my same old-same old routine of going to the gym, running, doing some weights, running some more, stretching, and not feeling like I really worked myself out. My trainer, Jane, is a skinny little thing with rock solid  muscle. She is so dang adorable that I almost didn’t go with her because I thought she would be too nice. Ha! That little spitfire beats the holy living crap out of me in our workouts. I’ve had muscles buried within muscles that I didn’t even know existed that are being exhausted and toned.

After my first workout with Jane, I couldn’t lift my right arm for two days. After my second workout with Jane, I could hardly walk because my hamstrings were so tender. Yeah, she’s beating me up and I’m loving it. 🙂

Beyond the physical abuse I’m inflicting willingly and joyfully upon myself, I am finding it hard to believe that October is nearly over. November is right here and it means a couple of things: my time at my job doth rapidly approacheth zero hour, it’s getting colder, my big dinner at Sundance is nigh upon me, and Caden’s sports are almost at an end. Between football and soccer, it’s been a busy fall. Well, it’s always busy with that kid and sports. He can’t get enough!


Caden_#17He was named Defensive Player of the Game for his first football game, got the Hit Stick for 2 other games (that’s when you have the BIGGEST hit out on the field), and has received Save of the Game, Assist of the Game, and Goal of the Game multiple times for his soccer skills. Yeah, I think he’s pretty talented. Truth is, it’s so much fun watching him play at this age. These kids he plays with are just a great group of kids and it’s exciting and engaging to watch. There is one boy on his football team that is incredible. That kid? He’s going to be a big player someday, I bet. High school coaches are already coming to our games to scout him out. At TEN years old. WOW.

Tomorrow I get to host a chili cookoff on my site complete with witches fingers breadsticks courtesy of Great Harvest Bread Company. October is national chili month – get your chili on!



One comment

  1. Natalie · October 30, 2009

    I think “Director of Extraordinary Experiences” sounds like a Hogwarts position. Should be perfect for you!

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