More Italy and Greece, please

The days go by so slowly lately and I am struggling through one of those life transitions that send tsunami-like waves crashing over you. My office is so sad and lonely with a handful of us actually coming into the building to work each day. Nothing new on the job front and my head manager out of Oregon is really putting the pressure back on to get me to move. Still feel like I should stay…but having a job is very important, too.

I am still responsible for keeping the “pep” infused in my work environment and frankly I’m pooped from providing all the pep. But I still do it. Someone’s got to, right? I do find the strangest things are cracking me up lately and perhaps that silliness comes from the fact that I really don’t know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in three months time. For example, I am hosting a dinner up at Sundance as a kind of farewell gathering of those of us left in Utah (and hanging on to the end) and I asked for RSVP’s. One guy with the last name of Robison wrote he would be attending and forgot to send his wife’s name. I wrote in “Mrs.” and started singing “Here’s to you, Mrs. Robison…” in my head. And subsequently proceeded to giggle incessantly. A bit punchy, I am.

I’ve been cleaning buckets and oodles of files/folders/images/music off of my work laptop that was personal to me and in the process, have been reliving many great moments of the past 4 years of my life. Most recently, my Italian/Greek jaunt. I look at those pictures and wish I could go back there every day. Minus the whole scooter incident of course. I have so many pictures to share – so I think I will! It makes me happy – it might just make you ooh and ahh too.

(I think the reason why I keep going back to Italy and Greece right now is because I am desperate for a change in my situation at hand; and daydreaming about the Cinque Terre or Santorini really gets me out of the doldrums)

Evening in Oia

Evening in Oia


Cinque Terre







  1. Natalie · October 13, 2009

    I love that first picture of you–really pretty! Does Intel have a Denver office? If you could do work in Portland while visiting Katie, maybe you should just have a traveling position and bounce from office to office (or, at leat between Portland and Denver–if there is an office in Denver). That would be pretty sweet.

  2. Michelle · October 19, 2009

    Hang in there;)

  3. Susan Carlson · October 23, 2009

    Ditto on that first picture of you. You look very pretty. I wish that I had a trip to Italy to daydream about!

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