The creature from the Countertop Lagoon

My fishie Hermie

I have a neurotic fish. It sits at the bottom of his bowl, swims in crazy zig-zag patterns when you approach the bowl, and if you stare at him long enough, he doesn’t open his mouth at all. How do I know that last part? Because I stared at him. For at least a full minute. He was doing the fishy thing, opening and closing his mouth several times, sitting on the bottom of his bowl (I’m thinking of putting a miniature plastic couch down there for him), and when I approached, he stopped moving his mouth and stared straight at me. Mouth shut. Eyes forward – well, as forward as a fish’s eyes can be. Nothing. Just sat and stared at each other.

His name? Hermie, because he’s a little hermit at the bottom of the bowl. His origin? My birthday gift from my little 9 year old son. Caden wanted to do some elaborate treasure hunt for me for my birthday so I would find my fish at the end of some long crazy string chase. But he couldn’t contain his excitement. So instead, when I got home the night before my birthday several days ago, Caden yells, “Shut your eyes, Mom!” “What? Why?”  “Just do it! I have a surprise for you!”

I closed my eyes under Caden’s insistence, he told me to hold out my hands and count to three.

“Okay, one, two, three!” My eyes flew open and there in my palm was a bowl. With a little goldfish in it. Staring right back at me.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday! Are you surprised? I got you a goldfish! You have a pet!”

Yes, I most certainly did. And the LAST thing I thought he would surprise me with was a fish. He usually wants to buy me some sort of jewelry (his future wife will thank me for that some day I’m sure) because he says I “need a diamond ring like all the other moms”. 🙂 He’s so cute, funny, and observant. Sometimes MUCH too observant. Darn smarty pants.

So there you have it. My best birthday gift was a fish that I’ve come to discover is a little neurotic. He’s perfect for me.

On a separate and totally unrelated topic, I just had to say that my heart goes out to the S family in my parents ward. They lost a son in a very tragic way and I grew up with him in the neighborhood.  J was a big loveable teddy bear type of guy and it’s hard to believe he won’t be around anymore. I just talked to him a couple of months ago, congratulated him on his marriage, asked about my insurance policy. Today at his funeral, my heart just broke for his wife and his family that I love so very much. All I can say is that if you’ve neglected telling someone that you love them, TELL them right away. Life is just too short here on earth. Thank heavens we have an eternal plan of happiness that provides hope and comfort.


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