Domo arigato yummy gelato


Sigh…I was wistfully thinking today admist the sweltering July heat that it sure would be nice to be back in Vernazza, Italy enjoying a yummy pesca and fragola (that’s peach and strawberry for you non-Italian speakers) gelato. Holy cow was that ever yummy. And I wish I could just sidle on up to a small outdoor cafe, look out across the beautiful Italian coast, and suck down on gelato all day long. That sounds about a thousand times better than what I’m doing today (which is just general work – but who wouldn’t want to be in Italy rather than stuck in a gray cubicle all day long?).

Ah well, at least my memories of Italy are still fresh and tangible. I can still taste the smooth texture and incredible flavors of authentic gelato that dance around in your mouth like a little Italian circus. Molto bene!

Hiking along the Cinque Terre, gelato became a favorite cooling treat considering hiking the CT can be quite vigorous. Tani (my ex-mom-in-law) and I did the entire hike in one day, going from Riomaggiore to Monterosso.

Cinque Terre Hiking Map

I have some beautiful pictures I’ll be sharing quite soon from along the Cinque Terre trail. In the meantime, here are just a couple that still don’t do justice to how breathtaking the Italian coast really is.




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