Back in the day


I swear the last four weeks have been almost torture for me. And why? Because I can’t RUN. Two years ago I popped my MCL surfing behind J-Man’s boat in Powell. That put me up for 6 weeks of no running. This time it’s been stitches right across my knee (so no running/bending/normal walking) and a left leg that is still bruised, swollen, and numb from being smashed by a scooter in Greece (yes, still numb, bruised, and swollen 4 weeks later…sigh).

Dang accidents. Dang healing time. Dang perfect weather that is so ideal and conducive to running! Ugggghhhh.

Somebody I know has been very sick and unable to do their workout routine regimen themselves because they are laid up on the couch and trying to recover. The comment was made, “Man, I wish I could go running…or biking. I feel so awful…it sucks not being able to do that.” I just offered a gentle reminder that at least it was only something causing a temporary setback and that like all illnesses, it would be over within a few days and they could get back to running/riding. Not so with an injury.

Nothing creates a more aggravating personal hell than feeling absolutely fine and dandy but being restricted because of an injury. A fever isn’t keeping me from running. My dang knee and swollen leg are. It’s like being in prison inside of your own body. That being said, I realize my injuries are not as severe as many, many other people and at some point mine will heal and I can start jogging away again. But it makes me emphathize with those who may have lost their ability to do something that they love from a physical perspective. That’s true pain.

I appreciate good health much more after momentary setbacks like these. While the scar that is beautifully purple and tender across my knee will fade in time (I’d show you a picture of it but alas, my phone was stolen in Mexico and my replacement has no picture taking capabilities), I will always remember what it feels like not to be able to do something I love – and NEED – on  a daily basis. A good run clears your head and mine has been so cluttered as of late. I’m just glad that starting this week I can start up my light running so I can get up to speed for the upcoming Hood to Coast in just 6 weeks.

I need to get out on the road…and listen to this while I while away the miles:

Or maybe this one…a nice cover that is relevant right now, n’est-ce pas? Plus, how can you not love “Buster”‘s little cameo?!? 🙂



  1. gungeet · July 16, 2009

    HI how are you
    everything is nice

  2. Allison · July 18, 2009

    My poor broken sister…I’m sorry for the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen comment. I can see now that I was out of line. How was the cabin? How’s my room? Is “The Guy” still alive? Well, here’s hoping your knee heals itself soon. Miss/love you! See you in 11 days…

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