A change of pace

Okay, so ignore my little “oh, my hard life” post below except for the thank you part. That actually helped me a ton to just remember how many people make me happy (and there are so many more I could list) for one reason or another.

I just had to share a little story that still makes me laugh out loud as because it involves my funny little boy and the fact that his silly mother doesn’t know how to quite exactly, um, play the guy role sometimes? 🙂


Caden is a sports kid – not just a soccer kid, a baseball kid, a football kid, or what have you. He is “Mom-can-I-play-every-sport-in-the-world” type of kid. And with each of these sports comes a unique set of sports equipment. I played soccer so I’m aware of what you need there: cleats, shinguards, uniform. Simple stuff. With baseball, I pretty much knew what he needed: cleats, mitt, bat, batting gloves, bag. Football? This was an entirely new sport to me. What was with all this padding? Where does it go in these little practice pants? Shoulder pads? Mouth guard? Oh, and the most infamous part – the cup.

Yessss, that piece that I really never thought about. And really have no idea whatsoever what to buy, what comes with it, and how it all works (okay, I know the general purpose of a cup – but would you want your mom helping you out with this?).

I signed Caden up for the U of U football camp while I was out gallavanting across Italy and Greece. Before I left, I took him to get some practice pants and a new mouth guard at Sports Authority because they were having a big pre-football season sale. While wandering along the aisle, guess what we came across? Cups!

“Mom, I need to get a cup for football practice. I really, really need one,” Caden begs.

“Do you even know what it’s for?” I asked.

Caden rolls his eyes at me. “Mo-om, of course I do. It’s to protect my…”

“All right, all right,” I interrupted, “I don’t need anymore info.”

I took a look at the various cup offerings and realized I really had no idea what I was looking at. There were probably 12 different types with different styles and sizes and I felt somewhat ridiculous picking up cups and trying to determine what I should buy. I found one that just said Youth but there was no particular sizing. And it looked big. I looked at Caden. Small. Looked back at the cup. Big. Ummm…

“Well, we’ll just get this one and if it’s not right, I’ll just have Ben come get you the right one,” I said as I handed Caden my best guess of a cup. He held it eagerly, turning the packaging around, then turned to me and asked, “So, Mom, how do I put this on?”

Oh my gosh…

“Ask Ben. Or Grandpa.”

We got in line to buy our items, right behind a guy with his little boy purchasing baseball equipment.

“Did Grandpa wear a cup when he played football?”  (These questions, these questions!) I noticed the guy in front of me slightly turn in response to overhearing the question.

“I’m sure he did.”

Caden sat there for a couple of seconds, pondering this little gem of information.

“Did you ever see his cup?”

That did it. The guy in front of me just starts chuckling, his shoulders heaving up and down. I was done with the questioning having been completely taken off my mom game by things waaaaay out of my realm of knowledge – and comfort.

“Caden, shhh! NO! I did NOT see his cup…oh my gosh, no more questions!”

The guy who checked me out clearly enjoyed my nervous aura, smiling from ear to ear as he slowly scanned the cup and held it up asking, “Is this for you, buddy?”

Holy cow, could we just put the thing in the bag already?!

After the whole “experience”, it made me realize that my dad was probably very grateful for my mom being the responsible party in purchasing training bras for all of his daughters. But who knows – my dad doesn’t get embarrassed very easily. And there was that one Christmas I found a bra in my stocking with my dad holding the video camera waiting for my reaction…

But that’s another story for another time. 🙂


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