Survival of the witless


I feel as if I have lost my wit. It is gone. Poof! Vanished like the Cheeto dust caked on my son’s fingers. Oh wait, Cheeto dust doesn’t vanish. In fact, it stains. But I guess the metaphor still semi-fits; in either case of being blown in the wind or caked on forever, there’s something that just makes you uncomfortable and sad.

I guess I could say that my “witlessness” really stems from a lack of understanding on so many parts of my life. I don’t understand why certain things seem to pan out for others and not for me. But that’s typical because everyone wonders that, right? Don’t you ever look at someone and think, ‘Why do they seem to have it so easy and I have to struggle all the time?’ I can say that I honestly thought I would never be single as long as I have been. I’ve watched many people come and go through marriage, divorce, and re-marriage with hardly a moment for breath in between. And I’m happy it’s worked out for them. But then I look at my situation and can’t help but think, “Really? Still???”

Sigh…don’t mind me, I am just being down on a Monday. πŸ™‚

As of late, I am really struggling with the “survival” aspect of life. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to mention the people that make me happy, even if I don’t talk to you regularly, it’s nice to know you are there. You might make me happy because you are my wonderful sister (all four of you – in-law included) that I love and adore and appreciate beyond words. You might make me happy because you are a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile, but I love to read your blog and catch up on the amazing things you do with your life. You might make me happy because you inspire me to use my creativity more, to be better, to think outside of my box. You might be family once considered “former” but still really are my family and therefore people that I love. You might be people once considered “potential” family and because of that I love you still. You might be that crazy person at work who always makes me laugh (especially today). You might be a mom who knows that sometimes your daughter just needs a hug with arms wrapped around her to cry in. You just might be surprised that you are on my list.

β—Š Katie β—Š Caden β—Š Mom β—Š Emmy β—Š Amy G β—Š Michelle L β—Š Susan β—Š Emily P β—Š Ben β—Š Logan β—Š Annie β—Š Allison β—Š Whitney β—Š Mamo & Poppa β—Š Natalie β—Š Tani β—Š April β—Š Leslie β—Š Ryan W β—Š Dave β—Š Chelsea β—Š Dad β—Š Stacey β—Š Emily H β—Š Lisa β—Š Matt β—Š Ryan C β—Š Hilary β—Š Rebecca β—Š Ella β—Š Ethan β—Š Samantha β—Š Amy N β—Š Lesley S β—Š Miranda β—Š Alan β—Š Karen β—Š Scott β—Š Amy B β—Š Trina β—Š Andrew β—Š Elise β—Š Lara β—Š Keith β—Š Β Ed β—Š Renate β—Š Melanie β—Š Conrad β—Š Michelle K β—Š Carol β—Š Jeremy β—Š Mike β—Š Evan β—Š George β—Š Bryce β—Š Liz B β—Š Jordan β—Š Nicole β—Š Stephanie β—Š Amy W β—Š Alyssa β—Š PaulaΒ β—Š Steve β—Š Ann β—Š Tiffany β—Š Ilene β—Š Natalie B β—Š Deb β—Š Young β—Š Judy β—Š Rick β—Š Chad β—Š Kent β—Š Erika β—Š Hillary β—Š Natalie R β—Š Eric β—Š Scott T β—Š Michael β—Š TG β—Š

Thank you…for just you.



  1. Michelle · July 6, 2009

    “At first I was afraid….I was petrified…” Ummmm, you’ve heard me attempt karaoake before so I’ll spare you. Keep your chin up. Things have a way of working themselves out.

  2. Alan · July 30, 2009

    Ok, so the name is spelled correctly but how can I really be sure it’s me??? Not that I’m insecure or anything but maybe you could add a middle initial or something next time… just so I can be more confident. And whether it is me or some other “Alan” I want you to know that thinking of you and checking in on your blog makes me happy too. I haven’t been as frequent a visitor because I changed jobs and they actually expect me to work for a living… but it was fun to catch up.


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