La Spezia – a glimpse


La Spezia, Italy

I’ll be coming back to my Italy/Greece travels from time to time. The story leading up to this one is below.

After circling for hours in Pisa, Tani and I made it to our hotel in La Spezia sometime around 2 a.m. in the morning.

“I am going to be so mad if those guys aren’t awake and worried about us!” Tani said as we climbed the stairs to the room. “Those guys” were Chelsea (with baby Jane), Emmy, and her friend, Robert. We figured that they were probably in a state of panic because we were supposed to be back hours ago. Um, not so much.

We knocked on the door and eventually Robert opened it up, sleepy and almost falling over, and groggily asked, “Are you guys okay? We wondered what happened to you…until we all fell asleep.” Ah well, so much for high concern. 🙂

In the morning, I had a quick glimpse of La Spezia before we headed out to start hiking the Cinque Terre. I love that everywhere you go in Italy, there are rows and rows of bikes and motorcycles.


Flickr - Tyson Williams


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