A Tale to Tell

I’m sitting in the “eating” area at my hotel in Santorini, Greece right at this moment, listening to a group of British chaps wile away the hours while they throw back drink after drink. They are killing me with their conversation. It reminds me of my dad’s family friends from his mission time in England and suddenly I am feeling nostalgic.

“I’m noht sayin’ it’s yohr faul…but I’hm absolutely chockered…I’m staggering…red wine, whyyyte wine, oof!”

Seriously, they are killing me.

In about six hours, I am leaving this beautiful little island off the coast of Greece and heading back home after eight days of absolute joy aaaaaaaand absolute terror. Yes, joy and terror. Two feelings and reactions that go hand in hand, don’t you think? I will be posting more about my wonderful travels when I get a moment to download my 586,000 pictures I’ve taken. How to choose what to post?!

But a quick synopsis of what fun I’ve had (with a promise of more details to follow):

  • Tuesday, leave for Italy/Greece: straight to Paris from SLC, then to Athens, then to Rome, then to Pisa
  • Get picked up at 10:20 p.m. Wed night by Tani (my ex-mom-in-law); head to Leaning Tower of Pisa, proceed to get lost in the Black Hole of Pisa for almost 2 hours; arrive in La Spezia at 2 a.m. in the morning
  • Thursday, hike the Cinque Terre with Tani (and Emmy and Chelsea on a couple of parts); gelato – twice
  • Friday, spend day in Florence and die from happiness (thankfully, in Italy so everyone is religious and they raise me from the dead); see The David, browse the Uffizi, troll the Ponte Vecchio, buy beautiful journals
  • Saturday, visit Italian flea market near Genova, head to Lake Como for an hour (MUCH too short – must go back next year just to Como); fly out of Milan to Athens
  • Sunday, day in Athens spent viewing the Acropolis, Parthenon, Hadrian’s Arch, the Agorra, the Plaka, and buying fake designer bags i.e. Chanel clutch, Burberry laptop tote, and amazing coconut rolls
  • Monday, fly out veeeeeeery early to Santorini, check into Atalos Villas (stay here – Yannis is the BEST HOST EVER!), rent scooters, head up steep mountain, crash, fainting, bleeding, French speaking, hospital, stitches, tetanus shot, whew!
  • Tuesday, hobbling around elicits sympathy from everyone – free drinks (meaning water or Fanta) wherever I go! Oia is incredible
  • Wednesday, still hobbling, visit back to hospital to change dressing on knee, pass out again, pain, but beauty supercedes it in this place
  • Thursday…leave to go home…dang it

Until my pictures are flooding my laptop (got to get rid of a lot of stuff to be able to download it all), this is what I’ve enjoyed and am sad to say goodbye to:

OIA sunset




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