Behind the 8 Ball

8ballI swear on my life that this week is never going to end. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve moved out of my lovely, comfy home into a space that is temporary and feels somewhat familiar yet simultaneously foreign. I don’t know if it’s because I have so much work to do before I take off next week for some “Me” time. I don’t know if it’s because school is ending on Friday and I’m stressed over what to do with Caden for the summer, something I stress about every single summer. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been able to go to the gym because I’m living out of a box and am trying to locate the right box of stuff that will help me get out. I don’t know if it’s because sometimes people really overstep the boundary of “nice” to “overbearing and utterly opinionated” in 3.2 seconds when you don’t agree with them or aren’t doing what they would do in a situation.

Take my situation. Who doesn’t know what’s going on with my life? I realize this little blog of mine allows some people access into my day to day that I didn’t fully anticipate. I try to keep some things off of here but I’m being approached by people in the strangest of places asking what’s going on with The Guy. You know, if you don’t read about it on here, I’m not spilling much more to you if you are not a blood relative (and even then I’m still pretty picky).

One of two things is going to happen: Marriage or Moving. There you go. At some point I will either post a pic of a ring or a moving truck so as to share what’s going down. But the chatter/banter/discussions that lead up to the biggest decision of my life (well, at least for the past 8 years or so) will be kept on the down low. 

I will give you this little insight. I have found something that has been proven to be very effective in decision making:

magic8I heard that if you drink the juice inside, visions of your future will come to you. You’ll just have a purple mouth for a few weeks as a side effect.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll address politics…because that’s not an incendiary topic whatsoever. 🙂 But it will create a diversion…


One comment

  1. Michelle · June 4, 2009

    I loved this post. Nothing says I love you more than a big fat “BUG OFF!” It made me laugh. Since our last “vacation” I made a vow to myself not to ask about the relationship again. I have actually found myself asking more about the sore bum which really concerns me (the fact that I’m asking, not necessarily the sore bum). I did finally break down and talk to The Guy about the relationship a little bit yesterday. Big fat load of good that did me. I desperately hope you both find peace in a decision soon. When you get a day that you and Caden can both play hookie, come enjoy the pool with us. My boys would love it. If I don’t talk to you before you go, enjoy the heck out of your trip!

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