Tuesday Tidbits

scarecrowIs it weird to be at my desk humming the song “If I Only Had a Brain” from the Wizard of Oz? I happened to have a run in with a business partner from California and found myself humming this little diddy upon the conclusion of our conversation. Hmmmm…

A lot of people I work with that are choosing to stay with the company are moving to Arizona vs. Oregon. Heat vs. rain. That’s what it comes down to. And scorpions. Scorpions make me say, “No way, Jose, to Chandler, ‘kay?” Scorpions are pregnant for a year and a half. At least God knew what he was doing there. 

icecreamSometimes you can find the silliest things to help celebrate a day. Like today, for instance, is National Rocky Road Day. I picked up ice cream and plenty o’ good toppings for my building mates and threw an impromptu party for the grand occasion. Although I realized after setting up the sundae bar, I forgot to pick up actual Rocky Road ice cream. Ah well, we’re all on a rocky road at work here anyways – that counts, right?

I am getting a gazillion opinions and advice on what I should be doing, what decisions I should be making. Thank you, thank you all for caring – now leave me alone. I promise not to be under the influence of some mind altering substance when the final drum beat is sounded on where my feet will land. Well, that is if you don’t count chocolate as a mind altering substance.  

Follow up to the above: A word to the wise ain’t necessary. It’s the stupid ones who need the advice. Bill Cosby

Who came up with the ridiculous idea of running in place? It’s not running if you don’t have forward motion. All you’re doing is stationary stair climbing. But really fast. Madness.

I have 9 pillows on the bed I’m currently occupying at my parents house. It’s still not enough. 

I {heart} Dilbert (the guy who writes the strip used to work for the company I work for; his humor makes sooooo much more sense to me}


It’s a Tuesday.

“I could wile away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers, consultin’ with the rain…do do, do do, do-do-do…”



  1. Amy Goeser · June 2, 2009

    Well, if I were in your situation…

    just kiddin’! 🙂

  2. mom · June 3, 2009

    Keep eating your broccoli!

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