“C” Day

It’s “C” Day. After a couple of days of rearranged times, papers flying this way and that, today is officially the day where I close on my house. If I could add a sound effect to my blog at this moment, it would be a wistful sigh…awwwww…

But it’s alright, life is good, life moves forward, and it’s time to head to the next phase of life – whatever that may be. I guess that is one reason why I’ve been in a bit of emotional turmoil over selling and moving because there are still some unanswered questions as to what happens next and where I am exactly moving to. The parents are graciously allowing me to bunk with them for a short time while this is figured out, but beyond that…?? 

This state of fog won’t be lasting very long, however. I do have to turn in my Letter of Intent at work on July 1 as to whether I plan on moving with Intel or not. If no, they will open up my position for hiring (but I can still stay until January 4, 2010). If yes, then they will be padding my pockets with relocation  money to get a move on up to Oregon. Either way, things just ain’t gonna be the same. But not necessarily worse; just different.

Something I have to look forward to in just 12 days is this below:

Santorini sunset


Yes, that is Greece and Italy for you savvy traveling folks. It just so happens that my ex-mom-in-law and two of my ex-sisters-in-law are headed over there for a trip (well, one sis-in-law, Emmy, is studying abroad with BYU – so we’re meeting up with her) and they have invited me to tag along. I’ll tag. I will most totally tag along! I am so excited to go I don’t know if I could adequately describe it to you. Just picture my face in a gigantic and utterly perpetual GRIN. Never been to either of the areas we are going to so this is going to be a nice treat. And welcome retreat after moving out of my house. 

When did I decide to go? Mmm, about two days ago. I figured that it’s always best to plan trips to Europe last minute – because then the anticipation and waiting game isn’t so long. 😉 In not so many days I will be saying “Arrivederci, Utah!” and “Salve, Italia!”


One comment

  1. Susan Carlson · May 29, 2009

    Ummmm! I am so jealous of your trip. That will be so much fun. It is a dream of mine to get over there some day!

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