Isn’t it Labor Day?

packingI know it’s Memorial Day and a time to honor loved ones who have passed, but I’m actually getting the inkling that it’s a bit more Labor Day-ish. Perhaps that’s because all I’ve done this entire weekend is box up everything in my house. Box, box, box, tape, tape, tape, cut, cut, cut, curse – oh wait, no cursing involved, Mom. I whistled while I worked…and left the cursing up to Caden – “Aw, crud!”

It’s weird to look around my house as it is slowly being emptied and start to say goodbye to this period of my life. Caden was 5 when we moved in and so excited to have his own bathroom – until I told him that it meant that it was also his responsibility to clean. Suddenly, not so cool to have a bathroom to yourself anymore. 

I have small dings here and there from Caden crashing into the wall, throwing balls into the wall, kicking the wall, just looking at the wall, yeah…The young couple who is moving in on Saturday has no kids and I feel like I should explain that kids add character – and texture – to a home. So if they find a mark, a spare scuff, a small ding here and there, to really think of it as a love tap from a child to a home. That makes it sound precious and not detracting, right? 🙂

Thinking about kids, I was just looking at some of the photos I took of my niece, Ella, on her third birthday last week. She is my brother Ben’s only child, at least for the next four weeks until Baby Boy Brewster arrives. This girl cracks me up like nothing else. Full of sass, crazy dance moves, and stories that can go on forever, she is a hoot. We love her to death and will miss seeing her frequently when the clan moves to Wyoming some time this summer. She’s always excited to see you – even if she’s never met you before. That’s why she’s just so dang adorable.

Ellas spit cake

Little gremlins


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