To be geek is chic

I am totally in the mood for laughing my head off these days. I look for any darn good reason to crack a smile and just laugh uncontrollably. I could post a picture I recently took of The Guy for some pretty dang good giggles…but he might become too famous for being a “pain in the butt”. 🙂 Let’s just say that he recently was very, very sick and I actually helped him out for several days and did various things like getting food put together, picking up meds, going to his doctor’s office to learn how to…ahem…”pack” a wound from an infection. Yeah, these are the good times of my life. Thankfully, he’s on the mend from end to end. But I thought I would write him a little limerick just for kicks:

A bite can become quite a chore

When it makes your poor rear all too sore

A doctor did drain

The cause of the pain

Now all is relieved in your drawers

So sue me for adding an “s”, but I think it’s dang funny. I’m not sure how The Guy will feel about it…but maybe he will laugh at this below.

I discovered this site on somebody’s blog awhile ago (can’t remember whose blog it was) but I was reminded about it when I happened to run across a post by Krista. You should feel really, really good about yourself after taking a look at these Awkward Family Photos:


Where do I start? The husband hiking up his britches with an apparent priest’s collar??, the daughter with the Sinead O’Connor attitude, or yes, perhaps maybe the loving son with his arms around his mother’s neck. His mother who looks like she could be his younger sister. Maybe that’s why the daughter is so angry; mom’s got it going on more than her. They do seem to share almost the same haircut. Hmmm, I have to say I sometimes worry about a family where the men have longer hair than the women. I took one look at the picture and honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing. But this one below is even BETTER.


“Damn woman, why’d you have to eat those beans!”

Yes, the time honored tradition of taking pictures with your shades on all the while pushing your man to the edge of the splash painted back drop is in full force. It’s like they both thought they were taking individual photos and they just had to share screen time for awhile. Either that or Coolio in the background had on really bad cologne and his “old lady” (as The Guy likes to say) banished him to the back. Or maybe he just wandered in on the shot and is going to be hitting on this girl in about 30 seconds…look at that dude’s face! “Whassup, ladies?”

Seriously, I laughed so hard when I saw these. And kept right on laughing away when I visited the site. Having a bad day? Go laugh at somebody who actually TOOK a picture of theirs. 


One comment

  1. Amy Goeser · May 24, 2009

    Allan asked Jeff if his spidey senses were tingling…HAHA

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