A lazy Saturday

It is one rainy Saturday today. Rain, rain, rain all the live long day and I am feeling content to just laze about my house and paint for awhile. I’m slowly getting my painting groove back, manipulating paint with brushes and turning out the images I want. This is what I’ve worked on recently for The Guy’s business (let me know what you think):



Caden is taking “lazy Saturday” quite literally. After painting for a couple of hours, I found him on the couch like this:




That kid…

Also, I had some other potentially life changing thing happen today. Let’s just say that perhaps in 30 days I could be moving…don’t want to jinx myself, but it’s looking good!


One comment

  1. Amy Goeser · May 2, 2009

    LOVE THEM! And I want one of each! I love the love story one. I really, really, really love that saying. It must hang in my house soon.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Now if we could just get “the guy” down on one knee.

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