God bless sunshine


Does anyone else feel like the clouds have finally parted and the arrival of Spring has been a long time coming? I can hardly stay indoors these past few days because the warming air is like a siren call to me. My bike is getting tuned, I can run outside without my nose running too, the flowers are blooming, the trees outside my front door have dainty white blossoms kissing their branches. Sigh…it’s just so nice.

After the dreariness of winter, weather like this makes life seem rosy peach and wonderful all over again. Spring sports have just begun to take over my life again [example, my schedule this week: M – soccer game, T – baseball game, W – baseball practice, soccer game, Th –  baseball game, F – soccer game, Sat – baseball practice] and I’m enjoying watching the kids stretch and run and get down and dirty in the grass and dirt. Even though I hate dirt/grass stained pants, I love seeing Caden’s knees all streaked with dirt and green. That’s being a kid. 

I’ve also got Spring Cleaning Fever. My garage is under attack at the moment and I am on the assault. I’m starting to organize everything and put it away in moving boxes because I think that might help my house sell more quickly. That’s my hope, anyway. I’ve had no less than 11 different showings of my house in the past two weeks and am just waiting for someone to say, “Yes! This is the place I’ve been looking for!” And then I will simultaneously be thrilled and distraught over finally selling and saying goodbye to the first home I’ve ever owned. I talk to my house all the time (yes, The Guy, I know I’m crazy…but I’m sure that my house has feelings) and tell it thanks for being a great place to live. I figure if I fill my home with love someone at some time will feel it and surely want to move on in.

paintiBesides sports, running, and house schtuff, I am also back to painting again for the first time in about four years. FOUR YEARS. That’s embarrassing considering I spent 3 1/2 doing it everyday for hours to get my undergrad degree. It’s been so wonderfully fantastic to be doing it again that I should paint you a picture of my joy. Instead, I’m kind of toying with making a few images that The Guy may be able to use in his business. Heck, I may be needing to find a new occupation in the next several months and why not turn back to what I love to do? Plus, painting just is a release that I haven’t been able to experience in such a long time. It’s hard to explain how much the opportunity to create makes you feel – unless you do it. It doesn’t have to be painting or anything artistic. Just finding that RELEASE is what’s most important.

Also, on a side note, I have to profess my admiration for the Miss California contestant from the Miss USA or Miss America pageant or whatever it was. I didn’t hear about her now famous response to the gay marriage question until the day after but I have to hand it to her. When faced with a huge pressure situation like that, she didn’t back down from what she believed in. No matter where your opinions lie on the subject, that girl deserves some hearty praise. She could’ve easily responded in a manner that would’ve appealed to the judges and maybe potentially earned her the crown. Instead, she expressed what she felt and held true to her personal beliefs. Why should she be villified for that? When did it become a crime to stand up for your beliefs? All I have to say is that I have a lot of respect for that girl. She didn’t fall in line with so-called “popular” opinion just to fast-track her potential career.

But back to the lovely subject of Spring…ahhhhh.  I bought snapdragons to plant on my front porch and it gives me a cheery je ne sais quoi to think about that. Speaking of flowers, I plan on going down to Thanksgiving Point for their Tulip Festival. WOW. If you have never been, prepared to be awed by the acres and acres of color. 



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