Is that blood?



I am a wee bit lightheaded today at work. Just ever so slightly because I am in charge of our site’s blood drive for the American Red Cross and we are lagging in volunteers. Do you know what this means? It means I may have to donate blood for the first time in my life…uuuuuugggggghhhhhh.

For those that may not have read older posts of mine about this lovely topic, I have this, well, it’s kind of an aversion to b-l-o-o-d. I am ever so happy I have it running through my veins, making me feel alive and healthy, causing a beautiful blush when I get embarrassed (which is quite easy to do these days). I just don’t want to see it. Like, EVER. It’s supposed to stay inside me; anytime it makes an air kissed unwanted welcome, I basically hit the floor. 

And here I am, in charge of recruiting 20 people to donate which my friend, Ryan, thinks is utterly hilarious. He has known for years about my predilection to dropping in a dead faint on the floor when it comes to seeing red. That and needles. Ewww. That’s the other problem. Giving blood involves needles. Sharp ones. That have to pierce skin. {oh my gosh, I am making myself sick just typing this!}

I am seeing spots right this instant just imagining what giving blood is going to be like. I pray I’m anemic so I won’t have to really do it…which I may be. Ryan has graciously agreed to accompany me to the blood sucking session just so he can “distract” me. Yeah, right. He wants to be there to laugh hysterically while I turn all shades of green then gray then white and pass out repeatedly. He wants to share The Story. Everybody wants to share a Story but when it comes to me and some of my weird quirks (elevators, enclosed spaces, blood, needles), too many people I work with have seen what happens when I get in those situations. And they all find it freaking hilarious. Jerks. Okay, so maybe just maybe I have a slight flair for the dramatic when it comes to certain things, but still! Crashing and banging my head, hyperventilating in overcrowded and S-L-O-W moving elevators are just not that funny (to me).

Anyone that gives blood regularly, I applaud you. Pat on the back to you, my friend. I wish it didn’t affect me the way it does because I would donate all the time. At least I would like to think I would. 

Oh man, tomorrow is the donation day. I’ve got to find 20 people to fill my spot! Otherwise, all I can see in my future is sharp pointy things and red stuff. Yeeeeuuuuuck.


One comment

  1. Janelle · April 9, 2009

    I’ve worried my self to the point of fainting at many whole blood drives. Now I just look at the floor when I walk in, and then watch the ceiling until the whole blood donation is over. T
    he biggest change I made was switching to platelet donation. It’s easy, and no red bags of blood hanging around.

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