All growed up


I’m a little sick to my stomach today. Just thought I would share that. My stomach has been doing flips and flops all night long, mainly because I think the sickness that was rapidly rotating through members of my family finally caught up to me in some form or another. It could also be a little bit due to stress. Maybe just ever so slightly due to stress…

Not that I’m stressed, heavens no! I know exactly what I’m doing these days. I’ve got a job that will last me forever – as long as I move. I’ve got a home that I’ll love forever – until it sells some day here soon. I’ve got The Guy who will be – oh wait…

I was reminiscing the other day how I used to long for the days when I could finally be an adult and do whatever in the heck I wanted. I remember being 11 and wishing I was 21 so I could have my own car, go wherever I wanted to, and not have to do whatever my parents told me to do. Clean my room? Naaaaah. Think I’ll just go hang out with friends. Go to bed early? No way, Jose. I like the night life. I like to boogie. Practice the piano? Uggggh. Can’t I just go outside and play?

Man, that was the life. My hardest decisions were all around cleaning my room (to avoid my parents unholy wrath), practicing the piano, playing soccer and volleyball, doing homework, and getting to bed early. Nowadays, I LONG to get to bed early, I relish any time I get to play the piano, I wish I could play volleyball every day, and having things clean at home is a top priority. 

Oh no! I have grown up and become a BORING ADULT. 🙂

Actually, I am a stressed out boring adult who tries to make herself interesting. Gotta give props to myself for trying, right? Perhaps I am not too boring, I mean, everyone I work with is VERY interested in my life these days. And I wonder why…hmmm…I think it has something to do with blue boxes like these:


After getting back from my vacation last week with The Guy, I think I have been approached no less than 38 times with people fixated on a certain finger on my left hand. I immediately know their game and have to have a little bit of fun with them. I will talk for minutes on end with my arms crossed just so they can’t get a glimpse.

“Hey, Angie! How was your cruise last week? You’re looking a little tan.” (quick glance to my hand, crestfallen gaze as they realize I’ve got it covered up)

“Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! A week goes by faster than you think.”

“Uh huh, uh huh. [head nodding up and down – they’re not really paying attention to anything I say…the stare just continues]. That sounds like fun. [What does, exactly? I haven’t said anything I’ve done yet!] So, any big events take place?” (the sly grins come out in full force)

“Big events? Well, I wasn’t kidnapped by the drug cartel as you can obviously determine. I did do a little parasailing, jet skiing, and zip lining which was a riot.”

“Riiiiiight. Well, I meant something of a more permanent nature.” (head nod towards my arms folded across my chest)

“Permanent? Why are you nodding at my chest? No, I did not get a boob job.” (suddenly the face flushes red and the nervous laughter starts)

“No, no! That’s not what I meant! Ha ha…hmmm…ha ha, you’re funny. I was thinking something more along the lines of life changes, maybe with some new jewelry attached…”

“Well, I thought about piercing my belly button for all of about two seconds. But then I realized that I was in Mexico and I may just get some horrid disease that will make my belly button turn green and I’ll have raging fevers where I speak rapidly in Spanish. That and also I hate needles – with a passion. So I just picked up a couple of anklets from little street vendors.”

By this time, I have thoroughly and completely exhausted my colleagues and they just kind of sigh and say, “Well, I’m glad you had fun.”

“Sure did. Thanks for asking!” And as I walk away I wave at them…with my right hand.

There are those who are a bit more abrupt and just drop by my cube and blurt out, “Where’s the ring?” 

I pretend to break out in fake tears and crumple over onto my desk. Okay, so I only did that once because the guywho blurted out that question has been ASKING ME THAT for the past 5 months! Give it a  rest, Mikey. Believe me, should that day ever come, word will spread like wildfire. And mainly because there are only about 100 of us left in our building. 

Sigh…my stomach is grumbly. Sure wish I had something on my mind to distract me from the pain – HA! 

Ah, to be 11 again.



  1. april · April 4, 2009

    i love you angie! Does that count? I think about you all the time and I’m so glad you keep up with this blogging thing. I hope you feel better and when you do lets get creative and plan a cousin party! I know I keep saying that, but I really want to….lets go to lunch or dinner or something to plan!

  2. angelbrew · April 7, 2009

    Aw, thanks, April! I will give you a call so we can plan a cousin party. I haven’t seen you in much too long!

  3. Amy Goeser · April 9, 2009

    🙂 Hang in there! I’m working on the commitment-phobic guy. I swear its genetic! It took me 4 years to take the walk down the aisle…

    After reading this, I’m not sure I’m helping so I’ll stop typing now.

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