It’s my Mom’s day

March is the month of birthdays when it comes to my parents. My dad celebrated his a couple of weeks ago and today is my lovely mom’s birthday.

My mom is one of those women that everybody just loves. They think she is the most soft spoken, gentle, kind, creative person who is genuinely a good-at-heart kind of person. And they are absolutely right. Unless you happen to be by my mom when she is cheering on her kids (and grandkids) at a sporting match. WOW. Watch out because this mother bear is fiercely protective of her brood. But she seriously wouldn’t hurt a fly. 🙂 We all get a kick out of Mom in these situations.

Another thing about my mom that makes us love her more is her absolute love of spiders. HA! The woman is petrified and frozen in terror at the mere sight of an eight-legged buggy, whether it’s so miniscule you can hardly see it or the size of those horrendous spiders we sometimes find in our basement (thanks to the woodpile that used to be outside of our house). I have to admit that we kids – and Caden – have really taken advantage of her phobia and for that, Mom, I would like to deeply apologize. But it sure is dang  funny…and the sounds and pitches that you can make just send us into a fit of giggles.

Thanks for keeping us laughing, Mom, and for putting up with all of your kids, your in-law kids, and your grandkids. And thanks for calling me the other day to go to Art & Soup with you. I love that you know what I love to do – and you want to do it too.

We all love you oh so much and want you to have the happiest birthday ever! (of course, I think I win today for flying Katie and Sam down from Oregon; favorite daughter status secured…for this week)



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