Make some bracket!

bballIt’s here. The time in Spring when drool starts to seep sideways out of the mouths of men everywhere. The eyes lose focus, the loss of hair increases, the sleepless nights are never ending. And what resonates in their head? “Did I make the right picks in my bracket?”

Now that the first couple of games are done in what is popularly known as March Madness, I can breathe a little sigh of relief…because my tournament winner pick (Memphis) was not taken out by a #15 seed. Whew! 

As to another team that I knew would lose (BYU) all I have to say is this: How could you possibly lose so badly? Considering you played them last year? Could you not be just a little bit more prepared? Sheesh!! No, I didn’t pick you to win but if you had, it least would’ve shown that the Mountain West Conference has some talent and should not be overlooked. But no. You had to do what the Y always does: lose in the first round of the tournament since 1993.

At work we are having a site bracket challenge that I am overseeing and today we kicked things off by bringing in a bucket load of wings from Wingers and a huge veggie platter. Nothing beats a bunch of egomaniacal overachievers covered in sticky sauce.  We were all going to sit around at lunchtime in front of our break room’s big screen TV and chow down, but just our luck – big dang TV is BROKEN. Well, that’s not entirely true. We can get HGTV, the Lifetime channel, and abcFamily. Yeaaaaah…the men were none too pleased. Let me tell you how quickly many left ( I was sorely tempted) after that to “work from home” the rest of the afternoon. Uh huh. Suuuuure.

I’m hoping I win big in The Guy’s bracket challenge. I think there’s something like $250 up for grabs which I’m crossing my fingers is headed into my outstretched hands…gimme gimme gimme!

Bring on more madness! And GO UTES! (at least in the first round)


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