Ice Creamy Fun

A week ago, I took Caden out to one of my fellow colleague’s Cold Stone Creamery store in South Jordan. We scooped, we mixed, we conquered the freezing cold mixing stone. How did we get so lucky to get behind the action? To get to do the dream job of hundreds? It all goes back to my company’s United Way auction we held last November. I bid on the opportunity to have a “tour” of the store and make my own creation, taking home 4 quarts of buttery fat deliciousness.

Caden thought it was “soooo cool, Mom!” that we got to go view how the ice cream gets made (it looks like mousse before they freeze it), walk inside the giant -30 degree freezer, and then get behind the counter and make our own luscious concoctions. Caden is a chocolate and cookie dough kid. So naturally, he mixed up tons of frozen cookie dough into their creamy chocolate ice cream. I decided to go a different route. I picked the Cake Batter ice cream and mixed in graham cracker, fresh strawberries, and white chocolate chips. Tasty. Fresh. And I didn’t feel so bad for wanting to eat an entire quart of ice cream because I put fruit in it. 

At the end of the whole experience, Caden whispered to me, “Do you think I can get a job here? I can make some money and take you out for dinner.” Awwwwww…and actually, the owners were pretty impressed with his fastidious cleaning skills. Give Caden a job and he takes it very seriously. As soon as he put on the uniform of apron and hat, he was all business. Such a funny kid.



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