Louise’s Legacy: a 10 year Race for the Cure tradition

slckIt’s only a couple of months away so you better start warming up those legs now. It’s the annual Race for the Cure which quickly became the largest organized race in Utah. I still remember when I participated for the first time the second year of its inception and I think we had maybe 2,500 runners. Today? Try running in a sea of 17,000. It’s all for a good cause, raising money for breast cancer research.

I post about this every year but it’s time again for my team, Louise’s Legacy, to get ready to roll in honor of myabasdj maternal grandmother. She passed away from breast cancer at the extremely young age of 50, and because of her untimely death, I never even had a chance to know her. Thankfully, research in ways to combat/prevent/treat breast cancer have developed so that babies being born nowadays will have an opportunity to know their grandmothers.

I organized this team in 1999 so we are celebrating its 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I want all of you Taylor folks and non-Taylor folks to sign up! Or donate! Or do whatever you need to do because every bit of awareness helps. And if you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, form a team in their honor and/or memory.

All those wishing to join Louise’s Legacy team need to register here: Louise’s Legacy TEAM. One cool thing about this year’s registration, if you join the team and sign up by April 24, you’ll save $5 on your registration fee. So don’t procrastinate.


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