Happy Place

I saw this image on Black Eiffel a little while ago and it has remained in my head ever since. I want a small little space like this that I can make my Happy Place. It just looks like a warm place (even with snow outside) to relax, read, and contemplate. If I really think about it, that’s what I need the most: a place to contemplate.


So many things on my mind these days and it keeps me up late at night. I went running and to the gym last night from 10-11 pm because sometimes I have to work out the mental kinks in order that I might be able to relax enough to pass out cold. Plus, when I’m really mad or frustrated or hurt, I can hop on the treadmill, crank it up to 8.5, and run pell mell until I can’t breathe anymore. The adrenaline rush and lack of oxygen really gets me focused. Then I take a leisurely jog for a couple of miles to unwind from ramping it up. It helps, it really does. 

Someday, when I am all grown up, I want to a build a house with all my favorite contemplative places built right in.

An art studio with skylight:                                                                                          

A stone garden with crooked steps:


And neatly designed spaces to fill with books, knick knacks, and escaping thoughts:


Sigh…my happy place(s).

{This last image I’ve had saved on my computer for awhile so I can’t remember where I found it. But the other two images come from this incredible home for sale in Montclair, New Jersey. WOW.}


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