Serious McSerious – and his best friend’s 3rd cousin

Yeah, I think that would be a good title to a story I would write about The Guy. Well, maybe not name the entire book Serious McSerious. Possibly just a couple of chapters. But who can take somebody seriously when they hang out with their best friend’s third cousin all the live long day?

Am I making no sense whatsoever? Maybe it’s perhaps that I’ve been stuck in a booth with The Guy for the past couple of days trying to talk people into buying his product —aaaaannnd it’s going very slow. People are scared to death about the economy, they are worried about spending money now, hoping customers will walk in their stores and buy what’s on their shelves which in turn has vendors around here are losing it.

I try to be positive. Well, mostly positive and realistic. The Guy is Serious McSerious about the whole scenario so I have to break him out of his downward spiral of “the world is going to hell in handbasket and the lights are going out and the oceans are receding and the stock market is going to drop to 4500 and these pants – I hate these pants! – and now look, my shoe is untied…” Those of you who know The Guy will be able to snicker and laugh at that.

I am just the opposite. I am really more of the “things will be okay and life really could be a whole lot worse so you should be grateful that you even have pants and we’ll all just have to buckle down and be a little  more patient because things will turn around – although it may take some time…”

After his latest bout of Sand in His Shoes, otherwise known as the Oh No’s, I came up with the idea of Serious McSerious and his best friend’s third cousin. The third cousin would be the counterbalance to the ever morose Serious, you know, the bumbling, foot-in-mouth type of guy that would be the stereotypical sidekick. I could think of a few good candidates (in reality) right now that could fit the bill…but I would never tell them that. Plus, isn’t a third cousin that’s in no ways related to hilarious anyhow?

This could possibly become a nice little motivational book for people in crisis. And since crisis seems to be looming everywhere, I think I’ve got a potential best seller on my hands. 🙂 It’s like a 12 step program for people prone to negativity. First step? Recruit your best friend’s third cousin. They are always funny by virtue of being a third cousin.



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