Gimme da love (instead of today)

Yuck. It’s Tuesday. But it sure feels like a Monday. Or a Mondazy as I sometimes lazily call it. I should be so happy that I have a shortened work week. Instead I feel like today has been a punishment for having an extra day off. Where’s the love?

Snow. Why snow, why? What is it about your natural cycle that prompts you to occur at EXACTLY the time I need to head into work – and then again at EXACTLY the time I need to head home? Aaarrrgghhh.

Accidents. They happen. Unfortunate part of driving that they may be, how in the world do you jump into a big semi-truck full of 47,000 lbs of frozen patties (the MickyD variety) and promptly fall asleep TWENTY minutes after heading out? Thank you, thank you oh so much for the added delay of trying to get out of Davis County. I hear there are amazing substances that could help in your sleep deprived state: No-Doz, Red Bull, Pixie Sticks, Ginseng, a pencil to your upper thigh. All of these might have been of some assistance to you before you decided to try driving this morning. Instead there will be 47,000 people unable to purchase a $.69 cent Tuesday special. Sheesh.

Work. Sigh…it did not go well today. I am not one to use profanity but after a few project meetings, a run in with one sr. manager who just felt it was her absolute mission to drive me insane today, and the LAMEST questions I’ve ever had to respond to by supposedly “bright and intelligent” co-workers, a few saucy tidbits of vocabulary were just a teetering on my tongue. 

All of this brings me to the fact that I would love to start my weekend back over again. I had a fantastically wonderful weekend spent with Caden and The Guy. Friday, The Guy took me out to dinner at Ottavios down in Provo {little note: he’s not a big believer in going out to eat on Valentines Day – too long of a wait, overcrowded places everywhere, sugar overload; I am not overly sentimental about the particular day, just as long as something happens that is “special”}. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore this restaurant. Try hearty Italian dishes served with a side of accordian music and the occasional operetta. This place oozes Italian ambience and I absolutely love going to eat there. The owner walks around constantly, asking folks how their evening is going, is the food good, are you enjoying the music and so on. You MUST try this little restaurant. I promise on my life you will not be disappointed.

vday-09-003Saturday I took Caden out to dinner at Tucanos (his choice) because he loves “the meat place”. They had the restaurant all decked out in perfectly lovely ambient lighting, a single rose as a centerpiece at each table, and chocolate covered strawberries for a surprise treat. I love spending time with this kid and we had a most enjoyable early dinner before heading over to see the The Pink Panther 2. Cute movie. I liked it better than the first one. And when I got home, guess what was on my front porch? 🙂


And that’s not all he surprised me with. He gave me something else that I plan on keeping with me day in and day out. Well, at least for the most part. 😛 


{still not the blue box variety – but nonetheless a big surprise!}



  1. Amy Goeser · February 18, 2009

    OK I’m totally coveting your Kindle.

    I feel the same way about V-day. Just take me out somewhere before and make me feel special and I’m happy. This year we actually went out on Thursday night because I was leaving town. It was awesome. No lines, no crowds, just good food and great conversation!

  2. Natalie · February 18, 2009

    You know, why should holidays be held captive to particular dates? I think Santa Claus should spread his visits from Dec. 23rd to the 27th–avoiding the 25th altogether, thus decreasing wait times and crowds. Also, I’m celebrating my birthday tomorrow, because it works better for me and my actual date of birth is probably just a suggestion for celebration anyway.

  3. Tony · February 18, 2009

    “The guy” he really sounds amazing! A kindle and flowers? Are you kidding me? You had a good day huh?

  4. angelbrew · February 18, 2009

    Yeah, I had a pretty good day – actually weekend – and couldn’t complain, Tony. He is a pretty amazing guy (otherwise I wouldn’t be putting up with him). He’s not bad, not bad at all. 🙂

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