3 Hour Layover = Major People Watching


Here I am, currently sitting at the Denver airport, trying to live out an extremely unfortunate 3 hour layover from Albuquerque, and what to do to pass the time…maybe walk around, look at the overpriced gift shops, stay away from all the scads and oodles of fattening foods, trip people, follow them too closely…I know! Play the Secret Lives game with passing travelers. It can sometimes just be called Observe the Wackos, too, but I often like to mess with peoples’ lives (even if it’s only in my head).

Right now, I am staring across the way at a very portly gentleman in quite the vibrant purple sweater. Umm, it’s a little too purple for a guy so all I can think is that he must have some vision impairment. Perhaps he was blinded as a kid while skiing at Vail, sadly crashing down on the end of his ski pole which damaged his retinas resulting in near permanent blindness for the rest of his life. And here he is, making his annual pilgrimmage to Colorado to face the steep slopes in veiled darkness. Wow. That’s so impressive and I really admire him for his courage, strength and…oh wait, he’s getting up and plugging his Blackberry in now. Dang. That was much too dexterous for a blind man so I guess he’s not the hero I imagined him to be.

There’s Telly Savalas’ twin brother. He looks a bit shifty if you ask me. And right behind him is a ornithologist from the University of Nebraska. It’s his bushy mustache and goofy Coke-bottle glasses that give him away. Oh, there’s the girl that works at the Piggly Wiggly with her teenage boyfriend Jeb. I’m not seeing any parentals around them so perhaps they are running away. Or being sent away. They are teenagers after all.

Whoa! There’s a guy laden with his beautiful guitar, dressed down in shorts and flipflops (it’s snowing outside right now) and I’m thinking that folk tour to San Diego didn’t go so well. He doesn’t seem to be wanting to strum any chords right now. It’s okay, man. Next time try the Oregon Coast and leave out the song about your ex-girlfriend Tammy who made your hands all clammy. Silly.

I must be getting delirious from sleep exhaustion because I swear I just saw Bill Murray. Only he was a little chubbier. And suffered from a broader case of alopecia. And his nose was different. But I’m almost pretty sure it could’ve been him.

I am sooooooo tired…and my darn plane doesn’t leave for another hour.


One comment

  1. Erika & Kent Amott · February 20, 2009

    Hi there! I saw the link to your blog on Liz’s blog list and I couldn’t resist. I am enjoying it! “The Guy” sounds wonderful. It’s too bad we didn’t know you were stranded in the Denver airport–we live 2 hours away in Cheyenne and would have come laughed at people with you. πŸ™‚ Take care.

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