Friday Deals & Steals


I have this thing about shopping. I never buy anything unless it is on sale. Food, cars, clothing, toys – you name it and I have to get it at a good price or it will just drive me nuts. Recently, my best deal was getting four pairs of jeans for Caden for $9.83 each at GapKids. Four pairs! Two for now, two for later. That kid can wear out pants, mainly the knees, faster than I can snap my fingers. I was so excited because the jeans were normally $26-34 a pair – and I like Gap jeans; they are pretty durable.

In these tough economic times, I am looking to save where ever I can and I am more than willing to share how I do it. My sister-in-law, Hilary, has a great blog with tips on using coupons and rebates to get your daily essentials. She also earned $500 in free gas cards! You can read how she did it here.

Here are a few deals that you might just want to check out:

  • has discounted gift cards to many restaurants around the U.S. AND you can get an additional 70% off their discounted prices by entering the code SUPER when you checkout. A $10 gift card to Braza Grill regularly sells for $3 on their site. Add the discount code and you get it for $.90! Save money to have a night out, that’s what I say.
  • has a big clearance sale. Look for items that say BRO Deal and get an extra 25% off the clearance price when you enter the code BRO at checkout.
  • Get an additional 50% off clearance items at Old Navy when you use the code HALFOFF. 
  • Tilly’s is having a clearance (isn’t everybody these days?) and you can get shorts for $5, jeans for $20, shirts for $3-9, and more.
  • Get these cute Simple Carousel shoes, which are environmentally friendly, for only $16.38 at 6pm. simpleshoes

Just a few small deals for a Friday. Oh, I will be letting you know the answers to my oxymoron challenge a little later today…


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