The Year of the Ox(ymoron)


It’s the start of the Chinese New Year today. Go have a fortune cookie. I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch today with my pal and co-worker Ryan. A restaurant that just so happened to be called Fortune Cookie. And this was the fortune he got in his cookie:

fortuneWow. Well if that ain’t the old kick in the teeth for you. Ryan was kind of irked. “You get a freaking fortune cookie, you expect something,” he said exasperatingly. “Well,” I sighed, “that probably is the most fitting thing you could get. I mean, you really don’t get a ‘fortune’ anymore and it’s not exactly a ‘cookie’. I’ve always thought they should be called Crumbly Advice or Slightly Sweet Sageisms.”

So far, this Year of the Ox is not looking to be living up to its potential. The Ox represents wealth and prosperity and as I listen to the news, see what’s happening around me, I’m thinking the ox has fallen down on his job. Maybe he’s contracted Mad Cow disease. 

I’m hoping that I won’t have too many working holidays in this pretty ugly economy because in my unbiased opinion, this minor crisis of  a healthy downturn is adding to the deafening silence of commerce around the globe. Good grief. It seems that the only choice we have in this tragic comedy of financial errors is to act naturally, keep spending, even though we are clearly confused. Some give even odds that we’re headed for a Great Depression. Or Mars. Same difference. We’re all alone in the same crowd.

(Count how many oxymorons I used and win a  prize. All to celebrate the Year of the Ox.)



  1. Amy · January 26, 2009

    I came up with 10 but I’m questioning my sanity these days so I could be way off! So I guess that you could say that I’m living in “controlled chaos” these days, go read my blog and you will understand…

  2. Susan Carlson · January 26, 2009

    I got a fortune cookie without anything in it once. I told my waitress and she brought me a new fortune cookie. When I opened it, there were two fortune strips inside! How funny is that?

  3. Susan · January 28, 2009

    By the way, I counted 9. You’ll have to let us all know what they are and exactly how many when the prize is won. (seeing as we got different answers!)

  4. Susan · January 28, 2009

    I’m changing my vote. (Can I do that?) I just read it again and I want to say 10 as well.

  5. Mom · January 28, 2009

    I counted fourteen from you and the fortune cookie itself is an oxymoron so that would make 15. And depending on the work ethic exhibited by Ryan, Co-worker Ryan could also be an oxymoron.

  6. Katie · January 29, 2009

    I’m going to guess 12, but I may have counted too fast. I didn’t even realize you were giving anything away?? It is terribly good of you!

  7. Ralph Carlson · January 29, 2009

    I will take Susan’s 9 from her original entry.

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