Monday night I happened to be at my parents for a little bit and Caden and I decided to stay for a little Family Home Evening lesson my dad wanted to discuss. He had selected Elder L. Tom Perry’s talk from the last conference on simplifying our lives (something I’m really keen to work on) in the Ensign. 

“Angie, do you mind reading the article out loud for us?” Dad asks.

“No problem – happy to.” I grabbed the magazine and began reading it aloud. Allison was laying on the floor near the fireplace, nearly comatose to the world (college wears you out so much you know). Caden was rolling his eyes and clearly not paying attention (typical 8 year old behavior). Family togetherness in action.

A large majority of the talk centered on Henry David Thoreau’s experience at Walden Pond, how he built a tiny cabin and lived with the bare essentials for two years. After his whole experience, he discovered that man really only needed four things to survive: food, clothing, shelter, and fuel.

At this point, my dad interrupted me and said, “Caden, what did your mom just say?” 

“Ummmm…something about clothes and food.” Caden squirmed around on the floor.

“What are the four things we need in this life to survive?” My mom started gesturing and mouthing words to get him started.

“We need, um, food, and clothes…[mom pointed to the ceiling]…and a roof – I mean, house…aaaaaaand…um…”

“There’s one more thing we need to survive as a family,” my dad says.

Caden brings his hands to his face, thinks hard, and blurts out “Hostility?”

I don’t think me, my dad, or my mom have laughed so hard in such a long time. Out of the mouths of babes…and who knows, maybe some families survive on hostility alone? :p Needless to say, I kept giggling throughout the rest of the talk. Oh, he kills me. 

{I’m thinking that he meant ‘hospitality’ – otherwise, I think I may have some ‘splaining to do}



One comment

  1. Katie · January 22, 2009

    hahahhahahah! oh Caden!

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