Okay, I know we’re all “hurrah, hurrah” these days when it comes to a new President and how historical and groundbreaking this all is and tra la la bang the patriotic drum but this latest thing I heard about borders on the ridiculous. 

Unless you were living in the backwoods in your shed the past 14 months or so, you heard at one time or another the mantra and monotone chant of “Yes, we can!” pummeled into your media frenzied brain. And now a very popular ice cream maker has decided to take that mantra and channel it into a new flavor:


Oh my gosh, seriously??? Sigh…the drum beat will never end. Ai yi yi.


One comment

  1. Amy · January 19, 2009

    Oh come on! It’s the most “important” inaguration that has ever happened! Its not every day that the messiah becomes president.

    I have to say that I’m having a hard time teaching Caleb to be respectful about our new president-elect. I was so passionately against him that both Caleb and Carson both say everytime someone talks about him “Boo Obama.” OOPS, my bad!

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