Wednesday Whatevers

Random reflections:

  • I’ve started training for my first marathon for this year and have become decidedly irritated with my dang runnersrunner-girl knee condition. Gosh dang aging – why does it have to happen to good people, you know? 🙂 If you run and have ever had runners knee, you know my frustration. I have a great desire to just go kick out 6-8 miles but about mile 2.5, my knee starts to swell and feel not so hot. I’ve plowed through it to make it to 5.5 but then had to ice-ice-ice it away for the next 24 hours. The Guy was not very sympathetic to my pain. “Aw, you’re just falling apart! That’s what happens when you get old.” Shortly after recovering from his two black eyes, his knee started to hurt. Guess what’s wrong with him? See, told ya you shouldn’t poke fun at the lame; it will come back to bite you in the derriere.
  • Work has been EXCEEDINGLY stressful since the New Year began. Why? Our company had a miserable 4th Quarter like most of the world and the fear is that it may change plans already set in motion. So instead of that year long cushion of needing to find a job, release dates could be brought in. Yikes.
  • On the other hand, I’ve received multitudinous praise recently for some of my writing/communication work. thanksIn fact, my manager (who is extremely philosophical) compared my abilities with Kipling’s “If” poem: One gift that Angela has is the ability to speak in the everyman voice. She is the personification of Kipling’s version of someone that can talk with crowds and keep her virtue; or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch. Don’t mean to get braggy about it but I needed that praise that day. And my Grandpa Taylor would be proud – he quoted that poem often to me. 
  • I have this strange addiction to Vanilla Coke. I typically don’t drink soda at all, usually I’ll just order a lemonadecoke and water or sometimes a “designer drink” (as The Guy calls it) meaning a pina colada or the like. But for some strange reason, Vanilla Coke is a weakness. It has to be REAL Vanilla Coke, however. Not the canned stuff or even fountain variety. The good stuff can be found at Hires (or Wingers). Give me a Big H, fries, and a REAL Vanilla Coke and I’m a happy girl. What’s funny is that I can’t stand the taste of regular or Diet Coke whatsoever. Yet mix in that delectable vanilla flavoring and suddenly I’m salivating.

Anyhoo, that’s just some Wednesday Whatevers.


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