Want peaceful slumber? Try this bottle of goodness

When it comes to sleep, I am a huge fan. I love me a good night of restful slumber, tucked between my sheets with my pillowy comforter layered on top, head nestled on a downy soft pillow…hmmm, I could go back to bed right now. Who doesn’t love a great night of uninterrupted sleep?

I have one problem when it comes to a night of peace:  I am a worrier. I stress and worry about things that I really don’t need to sometimes and often overstress on items that I should be concerned about. Thanks to that I have at times fantastically horrific dreams that keep my mind – and my body – from getting the rest it needs. I say no to pills because I just don’t like swallowing them. Gag, gag, gag. A punchy headache will make me down a couple of Excedrin if needed but other than that, I say no to the tablet form of medication.

I have found something that does help me get relaxed and ready for a nighttime of shut eye. I opened up my stocking Christmas morning to find this inside:

sleepOh my goodness, if you don’t have some of this stuff GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW! I simply LOVE it and it smells so comfy-cozy and full of peaceful deliciousness. What is also completely cool about this little bottle of heaven is that it is on sale right now for only $5!

I’m telling you, it’s great stuff packaged in a pretty star splattered bottle. My nightly silky foam baths are helping me get better sleep. But you should just go and try it for yourself.


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