For 2009, I’m predicting lots of CHANGE

Yes, be amazed by my insightful prediction for this year – because nothing ever changes that much in other years. 🙂 Actually, I was jumping in on the bandwagon of change (seems to be a popular theme) but I’m not going to address political change or economic change or change change (side note here: my dryer has an amazing capacity to generate pennies; every time I open it up, 12 pennies fall out. I’m officially $1.62 richer this week alone); I’m talking ’bout change that affects me personally.

This year will be different for many reasons and full of BIGGER change than normal. Here’s why:

  • My house is for sale. Yeah, I know I said I sold it before but the couple who wanted to buy it couldn’t qualify for the loan. I was immensely sad for them and not so much for me. My neighborhood is chock full of newlywedded couples. And babies. We had 47 babies born last year in my Branch alone. NO JOKE. That’s almost one every week. Try feeling the Spirit in MY Sacrament Meeting. 
  • My uber-cool bro-in-law Ryan is now a Ray Ban-wearing, concealed weapon-carrying, tiny mikes in ear-covering Secret Service agent. Don’t mess with me. I could make you disappear. But because he is Man Undercover, the Campbell Clan will be up and moving this August out of state.
  • My little brother Ben that I look up to (seeing as how he is 6’4″) is graduating soon with his degree in Chemical Engineering and already has a great job offer out of state as well. This is exciting for them but not so exciting for the rest of us because they are also expecting their second babe sometime in July – and they’re moving in June. 
  • Allison is graduating and considering a European Tour to cap off her brilliant career at the best school ever – University of Utah (Go Utes!). Remains to be seen whether or not she may stay in the country let alone in state. Internships and grad school await.
  • My company is pulling out of Utah. Soooo unless I find another job locally that I love, I will be moving most likely to Oregon or California. Unless…
  • Something else changes in the personal life situation. And I will leave that open to interpretation.

Lots and lots of changes that basically mean my family will be all over the place from here on out. And those are just the changes I know about. Who knows what may happen unexpectedly as well? 

Both of my parents are excited for the opportunities their kids have but truthfully quite heartbroken over the loss of weekly (sometimes daily) visits from grandkids and their own kiddos. Katie has been in Oregon for 7 or 8 months now and when she left after Christmas, my mom cried and cried. Oh dear. This next Christmas is up in the air for who will be where and when!

That’s life. Never the same thing twice, it seems, but at least it keeps it interesting. (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself)


One comment

  1. Ralph Carlson · January 6, 2009

    Ok, your branch needs to find other things to do than have kids. That is a ton. Please tell me that those individuals do not stay in the branch. You would have to have 4-5 nurseries or a full time day care staff!

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