Our Planes, Trains, and Automobiles situation (poor Dave)

This year’s Christmas is turning into our own holiday comedy of errors, very akin to what Steve Martin had to go through in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. This is Dave:


Dave is Katie’s husband. They live in “sunny” Oregon which has seen more snow fall in the past week than they know what to do with. Not the fluffy, beautiful white stuff we are used to in Utah; the crappy, heavy, cold, freezing, clumpy snow that completely bogs down an entire state.

Katie flew out for Christmas last Thursday, just beating some of the worst of the weather. Dave was supposed to fly out Saturday. After three hours at the airport, he finally learned his flight was cancelled. Uh oh. About 80 bazillion people are trying to get out of Portland right now and what if he couldn’t find another flight? Luckily, he got an opening on a flight leaving Monday. Yay! Christmas was saved and we would all be together!

It’s Tuesday. And guess what? No Dave. Flights are still cancelled, freeways are closed, buses aren’t running, trains aren’t running, and Dave is stuck all by his lonesome in their apartment in downtown Portland with no other recourse. He’s on a waitlist that has 350 people ahead of him. There are hordes of people literally CAMPING at the airport to all get home for Christmas.

We need a Christmas miracle. Seriously, we do. If anybody out there knows anyone who could help get Dave from Portland to Salt Lake City for Christmas, COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK. I can’t bear to look at my sister’s tear-stained face anymore. They’ve only been married four years and Samantha (18 months) is at that point where she can really have fun opening gifts this year. I’m thinking we could ship Dave UPS and he could possibly arrive with overnight service. Anybody got any in’s there?

Sigh…well, if you can’t get here, Dave, just know that we ALL will miss you tons! And at the very least I hope the freeways open so you can get to your parent’s house in Salem. Here’s a virtual Christmas tree just for you:





One comment

  1. Dave · December 30, 2008

    thanks for trying, it was very noble of you. only if. next year will be different!

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