What I want for Christmas


Without getting too self-aggrandizing but yet staying totally superficial, I figured I would take Whitney’s challenge to list 10 things that I would love to see under my Christmas tree (whether in actual form or as a promised service).  I love-love-love to give presents to others but I try to maintain that all too important deference of “Oh no, I don’t need anything…really. I’m happy with what I’ve got.” Ummmm, sometimes I want stuff. Truthfully, more than just “sometimes” – like, I could come up with a list that would greatly embarrass myself but I will keep this one to just 10 items as part of the rules.

1. This car:


My current car is coming up on 136,000 miles because I’ve driven a minimum of 100 miles a day for the past three years. This Acura MDX would be so nice in a big red ribbon. I figured that Lotus I really want was just too much to add to the list. 

2. Please, please, please:

apple-mac-proI drool over the 8 core processing (that my company provides) and would really like the 24″ LED Cinema Display to come with it.

3. A year of facials – two every month. 

4. A ski trip to Vail – no, make that Breckenridge. Three to four days holed up in a cozy condominium and time spent out on the slopes. Yes, please.

5. This lens that I am hoping can somehow find its way into my home over the next 6-8 months:


6. A $1000 gift card to Anthropologie. (really wishful thinking but this is my truly superficial list)

7. LASIK. Only, could I get that without having to wear my glasses for six weeks straight? And can you promise me that I will end up being a candidate after not wearing said contacts for that amount of time? 

8. Two week trip here:


9. A way to keep my job in Utah so I don’t have to move – or find a new job in a year or so.

10. And for the grand finale, something in a box the perfect hue of blue:


(Ha! I know somebody who may have a heart attack if he were to see this…)

Tag? Who ever wants to play with all the available free time we have during this holiday season. Still, it’s fun to see what you’d REALLY like, isn’t it? 🙂



  1. Amy · December 22, 2008

    OK so would it be weird if I was hoping for you to get that little blue box just as much as you are? I think that the entire family is! Maybe if I smacked him upside the head with a brick he would get a move on! Men! Seriously.

  2. whitney · January 22, 2009

    Perfect list. Did “he” see the box?

    • angelbrew · January 26, 2009

      Yes, I believe he did. Then he promptly passed out.

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