My welcome reprieve

A few days ago – well, make that a week or so ago – I gave myself some welcome kudos for having survived some pretty typical days. Whoopidido. But I did reward myself for “plodding forward” by taking a quick jaunt with The Guy to Miami for just a weekend getaway. It was his 40th b-day gift, to see his favorite team, the Miami Dolphins, and visit the place where he was born.

So off I went last Thursday morning to weather much, much warmer than I left to just spend time exploring the southernmost part of Florida. I’ve never been to Miami and truthfully, didn’t hold a lot of high expectations for the city. After having spent a couple of days down there, I can definitely say I would go back. There’s alot to enjoy in and around Miami – the beach, the Art Deco, the sports, the sun, the drive to Key West, lots and lots of good times. 

I dreaded coming back only because our flight was pushed back twice, delayed en route, and didn’t get us home until 2:05 a.m. And we both had to be at work bright and early. Sweet. But it was worth it and sometime down the road I would like to go spend a few more days heading down to Mile Zero in Key West or do a day cruise to the Bahamas, or just troll around South Beach (beware – certain parts are, ahem, less dressed than others) and the Art Deco district. 

That brief break did wonders for clearing my head on a few things and getting me ready to really dig down and enjoy the holidays – even if I have to work when most of my colleagues will be taking two weeks off. No matter. I seriously dug some sun for a few days that I think can hold me over…for a few weeks at least.






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